Product creator and problem solver,

Welcome to my home,
I’m Iain Wallace.

US-British French-speaking Product Owner, Sprint Master and Workshop Facilitator who has
led 600 new-product sprints and launches in 8 years.

I enable your teams to reach new-product or internal business goals in 1 to 4 weeks, on or

+33 6 72 62 75 16 
[email protected]

About Me

For 8 years, I’ve worked with corporates, startups and government to turn their internal or clients’ problems into successful products, services and processes.

Over 600 projects, I’ve learned how to root out client problems that can be turned into powerful sales traction, stress-testing the Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Blue Ocean playbooks to create robust business models that deliver more value.
I’ve been fortunate to work for marketing CMOs, innovation VPs and CEOs of companies like Leroy Merlin, Sodexo, Schneider Electric, Vinci, Air France, Government and leading startups. I am proud I helped them bring out a healthy ratio of successful new fundable business ventures.

Clients describe me as a dogged, intuitive, practical, empathic coach with exceptional facilitation skills. They like that I start by making their team get to the bottom of the client’s problem (the “Why”) saying everything is easier after that.

I am unafraid to pressure a team to leave its comfort zone and work quickly to succeed together while giving project participants the confidence to evolve their behavior/mindset. Clients round off my portrait by noting a knack for the big picture (strategic thinking, connecting the dots) and liking my obsession with concrete action to get their teams to :

  • The bottom of the client problem by relentlessly asking “Why” questions and checking user behavior aligns with user declarations

  • Understand the client need well enough to exert and steer commercial traction

  • Know what Value Proposition and core solution feature-set is needed

  • Design an MVP to validates the riskiest business model hypotheses while delivering the first
    wave of vocally happy clients.

My philosophy ? “Less is more”. I approach a problem with the conviction that it can be solved rapidly, frugally and reliably provided we do the work to understand it. I believe one can deliver more efficiently by focusing on what is essential as do 5 % of top startups and corporate new product-teams.

My purpose is to guide my clients to write their new business model’s story and execute the plan that brings it to life.

Services I Offer based on
my skill-set

Many years to get there!

Product Owner

Clients come to me when they realise that they are not sure what to build to create deeper, lasting, customer value because they feel they don’t understand their clients’ key pain points clearly enough. Typically when they are preparing a new product or when they are deciding the direction of the next major feature-set to drive a powerful new lease of growth to their product.

Product Discovery

The launch of a new offer too often still goes like this : a manager sitting at his desk plays God deciding everything – client target and need, value proposition, pricing, product or service features… without ever seriously validating his main hypotheses with clients. Success is rare ! Derisking your business model with clients largely avoids this unecessary waste. 

Design Sprint Master

I lead design sprints so my client can test an ambitious new product idea in 5 days with a team that includes everyone needed: a business leader with decision-making power, users in the target market to understand their pain points and cross functional experts to design, test and validate the solution. The process covers a step a day: What problem does the user have (Monday)? What solution should we build ? Which riskiest assumptions should users test to validate it? What prototype? What does the test it on users tell us Friday?

Online Workshop Facilitator and Trainer

  • Train startups, companies and accelerator participants to derisk a new product or service using the Lean Startup and Design Thinking methodologies online
  • Train Managers to lead their teams in today’s ever changing workplace and markets :


    • Hybrid office-remote work environment (trust, rituals, goals of the week …).
    • Change : 3-month projects to further strategy in addition to business as usual, OKRs, Day-to-
      day innovation

Pitching Coach

I coach groups and individuals (executives, managers and CEOs) who want to convince their audience to get the backing they covet : a project green light, resources, a position, … Achieving this requires a different approach to presenting. I train them to adapt to a corporation what works for great startups. Their message is short, to the point, graphic and memorable.

I have coached teams from these companies :